Flap Boxes

Flap boxes are one of the most preferred style boxes that are used for packaging, shipping and other purposes. Custom flap boxes can be printed in any desired color and size. Custom Box Print offers you an array of finishing options for these boxes. Contact our customer support agents online or over phone/email for order placement queries.


How to print finest Flap Boxes

A flap box can serve your purpose of retail packaging, giving away souvenirs on events, shipping delicate products over long distances and launching new merchandise. Flap boxes are liked because of their design and convenience to handle. These can be printed in any stock and color depending upon a brand and product requirements. If you want custom flap boxes, here are a few factors to consider. First of all the design of your boxes is the key to engage your prospective customers, so make certain that the template you choose is appealing enough to pique the interest of your target audience. Make your packaging informational by listing down all the inclusive details on it. Printing material of your flap boxes should be durable and flexible to keep the quality of packaged items intact. There are many online packaging vendors that can offer you their services at low price rate, make a choice rationally by comparing turnaround time and service quality.

Choosing Custom Box Print

Custom Box Print is considered one of the most prestigious printing companies because of its stellar service, unique printing techniques, fast production time and focus towards a delightful customer experience. We have a skilled and dedicated staff onboard that ensures that every client gets timely and personalized service. All the orders are processed without delay and we take post sale feedback to check if our customers are happy with the quality of service offered to them. In case a client is unhappy about the product/service we make it up instantly since we strive for customer satisfaction and happiness. We do not have any extra charges for shipping and similar services. We implement our clients’ suggestions to recreate and improve the service experience according to their liking.

Custom Flap Boxes Printing

Are you looking for flap boxes wholesale at a reasonable price range? We have various stock and customizations available. Have the boxes printed in cardstock, kraft, corrugated or cardboard with embossing, debossing, raised ink, glossy/matte lamination or foil stamping. We have a team of competent graphic designers to give you contemporary design choices for your cardboard flap boxes. For order related questions and concerns, contact our CSRs at your preferred time.


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